Clay Face Mask - Matcha

Clay Face Mask - Matcha

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Clay Face Mask Matcha

A blend of organic clays and to detox your skin.  Give your face the care it needs, doing a clay face mask periodically is a great way to allow your skin to rejuvenate.  Clay is renowned for removing toxins and dirt from pores. The high levels of antioxidants  in raw cacao can offer protection and allow the skin to repair from environmental damage which can cause premature ageing. Vitamin c boosts collagen production, which results in a brighter, cleaner complexion.

Ingredients: organic bentonite clay, New Zealand kaolin clay, organic French green clay, organic matcha, vitamin c, organic hemp seed oil, pure essential oils of lemon tea tree and bergamot.


For Dry Skin:  Mix one tablespoon of mask powder with natural yogurt or aloe vera gel into a smooth paste.  Add 1-2 pumps of *Bath Boutique Mask Boost

For Oily Skin: Mix one tablespoon of mask powder with water, or a mix of water and apple cider vinegar into a smooth paste.

Mix to a smooth consistency and smooth over face and neck.  Rest for 10 minutes, but do not allow the paste to dry on the skin.  Remove with warm water and pat dry.

30g (approx 5 masks)